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Dana and Sara loves kissing

Hello there, kissing lovers. Tonight two simply stunning brunettes will star our KissMeGirl pics. Watch the horny lesbians kissing passionately in front of the cameras, teasing with the french kisses  and pleasuring each other’s bodies. Dana and Sara are old campaigners around here and you could enjoy their amazing performing in some others amazing scenes. The babes will lick their every inch of those perfect bodies tonight, being for the first time together in a scene.


Well, I think they do the perfect couple these two. Both brunettes with a great appetite for pussies. Dana has that Spanish air, very passionate while Sara loves the camera and give much attention to it, looking straight into your eyes while she is licking her partner’s pussy or nipples. Well, I’m sure that watching them taking off their clothes while they are sloppy kissing will be only the beginning of a boner you’ll get. Just watch the lesbians squeezing the hard nipples, touching then slowly also just to feel the texture of a perfect breast while it is aroused, then going down to business on each other. Watch them wrapping down their panties and sucking on each other’s clit. Dana slides two of her slutty fingers into Sara’s dripping pussy, making that horny lesbian cuming all over the camera. They’ll moan loudly while the partner is licking and sucking their most intimate parts, the buttocks and the down lips. Just follow the link bellow and enjoy the entire scene. I;m sure you won’t be disappointed by their performing and I got the feeling that the scene will be a real success for the babes. Just watch and drool and I’ll see ya all next time with fresh content! Have fun!

Enjoy watching these sexy babes french kissing!

KissMeGirl With Holly Michaels

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! We are back and tonight we’ll entertain you with a scene with naughty Holly Michaels from KissMeGirl videos. You all know this cute babe. She was here before in a couple of scene and you guys asked for more scenes with her. So tonight she will take care of that amazing babe. The sweet new entry chick is for the first time in a lesbian scene on cameras and she was a little nervous. Well, that worked perfectly for naughty Holy who knew exactly how to take carte of her. Just grab a seat and watch the two horny lesbians kissing their every inch of those amazing bodies just for your viewing delight.

As I said, we all know Holly. She loves shy girls and her performing is simply amazing when we give her a shy one. She loves getting them horny when she sees how shy they are. The naughty little babe will shove her talented tongue into that new girl’s mouth, almost reaching her throat. That sweet new babe is from a small town from Virginia and she has this country girl air. She said that her parents would kill her if they’ll find out about her homosexual inclination. Anyway, she confessed that she always likes girls, but considering the circumstances, she had to be with some men, for not giving some reasons to her parents to send her to a convent, as they intended in the first place. She was very glad that she ended here and she hopes she’ll get to do some other scene for us. Anyway, as I said before, Holly will know how to manage her and that horny lesbian will get her wet and horny only by sloppy kissing her. Then she’ll wrap her panties off just to reach easily her sweet hairless cunt. Watch the two fingering and kissing until both loudly orgasm just for your viewing delight.


Watch naughty Holly giving sloppy kisses to this babe!

Kissing babes Dana and Sammie

It’s Dana and Sammie’s turn to be our entertainment for tonight, here at kissmegirl show. The two lesbians will enjoy a hot kissing session, getting all horny and wet, then they will get to some serious things, rubbing the dripping cunts and kissing down there also. But before that, let me tell you a little their story. As you see, Dana was around here before. She enjoyed another lesbian scenes last weeks and we are very glad to have her back on cameras. This scene looks alike Remy and Cameron’s hot scene from last weeks. Well, she was required by you guys, because of her amazing performing, so now watch and drool.

Sammie, instead, never was in a lesbian scene on camera. She discovered her homosexual part last year and since then, she doesn’t wanna hear about cocks and men. Anyway, the two will kiss passionately and you will enjoy them in some tongue sucking moves, fingers shoving in the mouth and deep passionate french kissing. Dana will grab Sammie’s heat and will shove her tongue into her little mouth almost forcibly. The blonde will life one amazing experience with naughty Dana. A experience to remember. She confessed in the end that this was her hottest lesbian experience she ever lived and she would enjoy another scene with Dana. The babe will use their slutty tongue to wet every inch on their amazing naked bodies. which will be also exposed in this amazing scene. They will lick all over, getting all horny and wet and you will also enjoy some pussy rubbing and licking. Watch them taking off their clothes eagerly, just to have access to each other’s cunt, them fingering until they cum in pleasure screaming. Follow the link bellow and enjoy the two sluts having some real fun just for your viewing delight. I will wait you here next week with fresh content.


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Celeste and Vicki’s hot kissing

Hello there! Some amazing kiss me girl videos are about to make your day. We brought you this amazing KissMeGirl lesbian couple who will be your company tonight and I can guarantee that they’ll know how to entertain you and your cock.  Watch the two brunettes in a intense kissing scene, going naughty and shoving their slutty fingers in their holes. Celeste and Vicky are making a perfect couple for this kind of scene, each one having her role in the scene. Just grab a seat and see what I’m talking about.


So Celeste never was on camera with a girl. She admitted that she likes pussies instead of cocks since she was a teenage. Her parents didn’t approve, but she didn’t care. She is that kind of independent babe who doesn’t feel very well if you try to dominate or rule. Anyway, this is her debut and she did a wonderful job. We were simply amazed of what that babe is capable of. She kissed very passionately her new partner, shoving her tongue into that naughty mouth of her, sucking on the tongue and shoving the fingers into the mouth while she was gripping her hair. Lucky for us, Vicky was the perfect partner for Celeste and loved her every move. Even if Vicky had some other scenes around here, she said this was the hottest ever. Anyway, if this wasn’t convincing enough for you, follow the link bellow and enjoy the entire video on our website, no interruption.  You will be able to watch them getting completely naked and rubbing their sweet hairless pussies. Watch naughty and rough Celeste shoving her fingers into Vicky cunt also and making that slut moaning loudly in pleasure. You can bet she won’t stop until she make her cuming just for your viewing delight. Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen!


Watch these horny babes in an intense kissing scene!

Sexy Amy & Naughty Lilly

Hello there, everyone! Another amazing week here at KissMeGirl and we found another two beauties to put on our screens. Amy and Lily are two amazing blondes with a big passion for women. For none of them that is not a secret and they’ll go for a woman instead of a man at any hour of the day. Well, sometimes Lilly feels the need for some hard cock, but that is another story which I will tell another time. Anyway, the important thing is that the blondies are here to entertain, so get ready for that. They remind me of hot Darryl and Brynn, who also did a great job last weeks on our cameras.


As I said, both have a big passion for pussies instead of cocks. Lilly is from Florida and that is not a very big deal, but for Amy, who comes from this small town, that is simply outrageous…at least that what she said. Anyway, they will french kiss the entire scene, using those talented tongues on every part of their hot bodies. Watch the licking each other all over, kissing passionately and getting wet. The two will take off their clothes and two amazingly hot bodies will be revealed just for your viewing delight. Some rubbings and fingering session will make those two moaning like no others. It is simply a pure pleasure to watch something like that. Just follow the link bellow and enjoy the entire scene. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed by their performing because there is nothing better than sitting back and watching two horny blondes kissing and licking each other until they cum. You will find the entire scene on our website, no interruption, so hit that button and see what the two did. Have fun watching, everyone!

Watch these sexy blondes kissing and licking each other!

KissMeGirl videos – TORI & BROOKLYN

What do you get when you put together sexy looking Tori Black and first  timer Brooklyn Lee? you get the latest KissMeGirl videos. Brooklyin impress  through her desire for some wet pussy and hard fingering. These girls have a sexy tongue and they are not afraid to make use of it. They lick just  about everything they can put  their sexy  tongues on. After  they  warm up  and make each  other all wet , they  move on to  the hard nasty action. They finger  fuck and ass fuck  one another until  they both cum in  screaming pleasure. Don’t miss this latest videos. Well passion seems to be the theme for this Kiss Me Girl video update and we sure you will agree.
The two hot babes can be seen getting into it right from the start of the scene. You can tell as soon as you see them that these two cuties didn’t want to play around anymore and just wanted to go for their sexual pleasure without delay today. watch them starting to kiss and caress one another passionately today, and then see them undressing more and more as they are eager to get access to one another’s sweet pussies. Sit back and see them licking each other’s pussies and finger fucking one another as well, and see them moan in pleasure at the treatment they offer each other today. Do check out the other updates we have as well for some more scenes.



Watch Tori & Brooklyn in some sexy tongue action!

Kiss Me Girl video – Vicki, Dani & Charley

Every so often here at kiss Me Girl video we love to  get  together and have 3 way hot kissing scene. It’s thrilling to say that we have a brand new photo session for you to  enjoy!!  Vicki and Charley can really know how to appreciate women and they just loved to get their hands and dirty  mouth on the stunning Dani. Of course, all three naughty girls walked in looking gorgeous. Scene features include lots of fervent tongue kissing,  body worship, and some more than nasty humping from all three ladies. These ladies have sexy  wet  tongues and they  are not afraid or ashamed to  make use of them. Check them out at today and watch a superb fuck fest unfold.



We got to ask ourselves what would be better than the regular pair of babes getting around to play with each other, and we came to the conclusion that three babes would be even better. And so we have our three cuties getting to have some sexy and hot lesbian fun just for you guys today. You get to see them do all kinds of stuff for you and they range from tribbing to tongue kissing and finger fucking as you can pretty much guess, and it’s all here in this nice video that just waits to be seen by you. Anyway, like usual we hope that you enjoyed your stay here and rest assured that we will return tomorrow with another sexy and hot update for you!

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Darryl and Brynn

Check out sexy looking Darryl and Brynn as they  go  wild in front of the camera. Hot looking Darryl was more than eager to  have a taste of Brynn’s tight pussy. They started with some sexy and kinky old and young lesbian foreplay, kissing and touching each other, feeling their hard nipples, licking and sucking them. After  they got all wet and sexy, they  went on to  the nasty stuff. Some deep finger fucking and nasty pussy licking made these KissMeGirl videos one heck of to watch today. Well we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed with this one and we know you are eager to see it unfold for today everyone.

The video starts, and you can see that the two sexy and lusty blondes are by the fridge and ready to go wild on one another’s bodies. You get to see them getting more and more naughty as they play with their food today, and they start to get more and more dirty, both figuratively and literally. But don’t worry as you get to just sit back and watch them use their tongues to play with one another’s superb bodies and see them taking it into a more hard style direction. Watch one babe climb on the counter and see her letting her pussy finger fucked by her female buddy as she uses her expert little fingers on that wet and horny cunt!


Check out these two hotties devouring each other!

Celeste & Casey

Celeste Star and Casey Cumz are two nasty sexy  looking girl who  decided to  make a video for us, looking all hot. They started with a tease, taking off their cloths and revealing their sexy  worked body and perfect round boobs. Then these nasty  girl start kissing and licking one another like they are candy on a stick. Just  as they  promised, Celeste and Casey offer  you  some great  one on one action, where all the ingredients are present. Don’t miss this latest girl kissing girl scene as you will be passing on the opportunity to watch two beautiful babes having some fun in front of the cameras with each other’s hot bodies.


The two cuties start off their nice scene with showing off their sexy and hot lingerie first and foremost and as you can probably tell, you get to watch the hotties play with one another’s superb bodies as well in this nice and fresh update for today. Sit back and watch them kiss and caress one another just for your viewing pleasure, and see the little babes as they remove those sexy and hot lingerie pieces for the afternoon. See them using their expert tongues to kiss one another and lick those perky and playful tits, and see you guys next week with some more superb and hot scenes just like always. Bye bye guys and enjoy!

See the passionate tongue kiss offered by Celeste & Casey!

Girls Kissing Girls – Chastity & Haley

Check  out hot Chastity Lynn and Haley Sweet on the latest pics. These two  girl are so  yummy  and crazy  about one another that  they  just simply can not  take they hands off one another. They  start  with  some sexy  kissing, body  licking and as they  get  all wet  and horny, they  move on to  the hard parts. Chastity loves to  feel her girl friend deep inside her, jiggling her pussy. This latest girls kissing girl will definitely be worth your while with the two hot and sexy teen babes that we bring you for today, and since we know that you guys are eager to see this show get on the road as well we’re sure that you will love it.

The scene starts and our blonde walks in on her brunette friend as she is changing clothes and of course our babe was a bit turned on and she invited the blonde to stay. Well the blonde kind of got into it as well as she was admiring those nice and sexy curves of her friend. Well it seems that she took the first step and started kissing her friend with a passion. Watch the babes go for a nice and hot lesbian fuck on the bed as they start playing with their pussies and rest assured that the sexy cuties made each other cum in some powerful orgasms for this update. Check out the official  Twitter page, to be updated all the time with the fresh news!

girls kissing girls chastity and haley girls kissing girls haley and chastity

See these hot sexy teens sucking one another’s tongue!