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KissMeGirl – Melanie and Vicki

Hi there. Do you wanna know what I love the most about these scenes? Is that “kiss me girl” demand. You will hear it to every girl around here. They have to say that line and all of them sound so freaking hot saying it. Anyway, welcome back, you perverts! As you already know, we have for you every week some amazing scene and as far as I’m concern, we could also handle two scenes on every week. Out there are a lot of horny lesbians eager to go on camera while kissing and licking each other, so so won’t run out of material. This week on kissmegirl is Melanie and Vicky’s turn to entertain you with their sloppy kissing.


You all know both of them Vicky and Melanie. Vicky and Celeste were here last weeks in Celeste’s debut and she did a great job, that why you guys asked for more scene with her. Melanie also had some great performing around our website, so both are residents. But we made a very smart move to put them together. I simply love the fact that they are both a little shy in front of the camera. Two shy and horny girls together is something truly amazing. You don’t see this every day. Anyway, Vicky will be the one that crashes the ice and starts the entire scene. She will grab Melanie and will shove her tongue into her wet mouth. That babe will answer to her kiss, also shoving her tongue into her throat, getting her all wet and having her spit all over her chin. Well, the two will go down on each other, licking their hard nipples and the shaved pussy just for your viewing delight. Cum inside for the entire scene. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed by their performing.

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