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KissMeGirl – Hot Melanie and Celeste

It is time for another hot KissMeGirl scene and another two lesbian came around to go naughty on our cameras. The babes are some of our babes we had on screens last weeks, but we thought that it might be a god idea to put them together in a scene. Well, You know Celeste from her debut with Vicky and Melanie was here in a hot scene, also with Vicky. The babes have something in common, I could say. Anyway, the brunettes look amazing together and I am very glad that we had this ides. Watch them licking and kissing hard and intense, like there’s no tomorrow. Some tongue sucking and finger fucking will be in the kiss me girl menu tonight, so grab a seat and get ready for that.

Like always, the babes are starting slowly. Like all the girls around here, they will start with a slow kissing, just to get each other in the mood. After a little teasing, the babes will take off their clothes eagerly, just to have access to each other’s intimate part and a second round of kissing will start, this time way much more intense. Those two will shove their tongues into each other’s throat, will suck on the tongues, then will get down to business, licking and fingering the wet pussies. The lesbians will do what they know the best, and that would be rubbing on each other all naked, getting their pussies together and rubbing them hard while moaning eagerly in pleasure. Watch horny Vicky sucking on Celeste’s buttocks, then eating her clit while she loudly moans. Cum inside and enjoy the entire scene. I will wait for you there with a great lesbian collection. Just have fun watching, you perverts! Also you might visit the site if you wanna see other amazing lesbian ladies kissing and licking each other’s pussy!


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