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Kissing babes Dana and Sammie

It’s Dana and Sammie’s turn to be our entertainment for tonight, here at kissmegirl show. The two lesbians will enjoy a hot kissing session, getting all horny and wet, then they will get to some serious things, rubbing the dripping cunts and kissing down there also. But before that, let me tell you a little their story. As you see, Dana was around here before. She enjoyed another lesbian scenes last weeks and we are very glad to have her back on cameras. This scene looks alike Remy and Cameron’s hot scene from last weeks. Well, she was required by you guys, because of her amazing performing, so now watch and drool.

Sammie, instead, never was in a lesbian scene on camera. She discovered her homosexual part last year and since then, she doesn’t wanna hear about cocks and men. Anyway, the two will kiss passionately and you will enjoy them in some tongue sucking moves, fingers shoving in the mouth and deep passionate french kissing. Dana will grab Sammie’s heat and will shove her tongue into her little mouth almost forcibly. The blonde will life one amazing experience with naughty Dana. A experience to remember. She confessed in the end that this was her hottest lesbian experience she ever lived and she would enjoy another scene with Dana. The babe will use their slutty tongue to wet every inch on their amazing naked bodies. which will be also exposed in this amazing scene. They will lick all over, getting all horny and wet and you will also enjoy some pussy rubbing and licking. Watch them taking off their clothes eagerly, just to have access to each other’s cunt, them fingering until they cum in pleasure screaming. Follow the link bellow and enjoy the two sluts having some real fun just for your viewing delight. I will wait you here next week with fresh content.


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